Indoor Netball

Social women’s netball competitions are run on Tuesday and Thursday mornings between 9:40am and 12:00pm. Established over a number of years, these competitions have proven to be fun, enjoyable and entertaining. In the mornings, teams can even get together for a cup of coffee at the Vdock café within the centre at the completion of their game. Crèche services are also available in the morning from 9:00am to 12:00pm and prices start from $5.50.



Nominations for the 2019 Autumn/Winter FDLC Netball Competition are now open for both Tuesday & Thursday morning competitions.

Start dates: 

  • Tuesday Morning Competition: 05/02/19 - 18/06/19 (Two-week school holiday break 16th & 23rd April)
  • Thursday Morning Competition: 07/02/19 - 20/06/19 (Two-week school holiday break 18th & 25th April)
  • Tuesday Morning Finals: 25/06/19 & 02/07/19
  • Thursday Morning Finals: 27/06/19 & 4/07/19 

Prices & Fees:

  • Team Nomination: $30 (upon nominating a team)
  • Team Season Fees: $1,116.00 (18 rounds)
  • Player 6 month registration: $55 (January 2019 - June 2019) 

Team Nomination Form: CLICK HERE
Player Registration Form: CLICK HERE

How To Enter A Team

To enter a team please fill out the nomination form and either hand into reception or fill out, scan and send to and CC by the nomination closing date (Sunday 27th of January 2019).

Team season fees to be paid as one upfront payment at reception before the start of the first game. All individual player registrations are paid through each player's account separately at reception (this must be completed in person at reception, as an ID photo will be attached to the player's account).

PLEASE NOTE: Our competitions are designed for you to 'form and bring a team'.  If you are unable to form a team but would still like to play please send your details to and we will do our best to accommodate you with any team that is in need of players.