How to Activate and Strengthen your Glutes and Core

In our previous glute and core blog post, we explained why it was important to activate and strengthen your glute and core muscles during a workout. 

In today's blog, we share what specific exercises you can perform every day, either at home, work or at the gym, to strengthen your glute and core muscles. 

Firstly, it’s important for your body to understand and recognise the position that your pelvis is in (i.e. anterior/posterior pelvic tilt) and to be comfortable with moving between the two positions and neutral.

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Why Poor Glute and Core Activation/Strength Could Be Harming Your Fitness Progress

If you’ve been around the gym environment, you’ve probably heard people harp on about “turning your glutes on”, “strengthen your core” and “stretch your hip flexors” but it’s important to know why. Your core and glute muscles are crucial for maintaining the position of your pelvis (i.e. where your hips connect to your spine) and protecting your back.

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